useR! 2019

Toulouse - France

user2019   Information for presenters


All rooms are equipped with recent video projectors connected through HDMI (resolution WUXGA, 1900 x1200). So the projection will be in 16:10. Do not forget to bring your dongle if you need one for HDMI projection. It is also possible to connect through VGA, with a loss in resolution. Power plugs in France have two (round) plugs + and a receptacle and are different from those in the US, the UK and many non-EU countries. Moreover, electrical outlets in France usually deliver power at 220-240 volts. You may need an adapter for your computer (more information about power plugs in France on this page). If your computer is a Macintosh, you are strongly advised to test the beamer before your tutorial since we have been warned of possible compatibility issues.

Regular talks

Rooms are equipped with computers (OS Windows) that you must use for your presentations to allow the slide capture. We strongly advise you to use PDF or HTML slides (Firefox, Chrome and IE will be installed). It is a good idea to test out your slides during one of the breaks in the room that you will be speaking in. In all cases, we expect you to copy your slides on the computer before the begining of the session. Rooms will have WiFi, but don't expect extremely high bandwidth. Presentations will be 18 minutes in length (including 3 minutes for questions).

Lightning talks

Lightning talks will be 5 minutes in length. Presentations will contain 15 slides, which will be displayed for 20 seconds each. Presenters can use their slides how they like: e.g. they could show the same slide 15 times, or 5 slides shown 3 times each (so they can spend 1 minute on each slide). So if they want to allow for a question, they could have a slide for this, that takes up the last few slide slots. A 20 second slide will be included between each presentation to allow the presenters to switch. Presentation format is pdf. Slides must be sent to no later than June, 21.


Please bring your poster printed in A1 (i.e. 594×841 mm or 23.4×33.1 in), portrait or landscape orientation or in A0 (i.e 841×1189 mm or 33.1×46.83 in) portrait orientation. You will be allocated a number that will indicate where your poster has to be put in the conference center. Posters will be fixed with adhesive putty (like Blu Tack, except that it is usually yellow in France; we will provide it). There will be a poster presentation session. Flash presentations for posters will be 30 seconds in length. Presentation will contain only one slide. Presentation format is pdf. Slides must be sent to no later than June, 21.


Presentations will be video recorded. Presenters must inform the organizers if they do not want to be recorded.