useR! 2019

Toulouse - France

user2019   FAQ

I registered for useR! on the SciencesConf Web site, but I did not receive any confirmation e-mail. Why?

The e-mail should be sent within a few days. If not, please check your spam folder.

My submission has been rejected. Could you tell me why?

The review process is detailed on the useR!2019 dedicated page.

I just register for useR conference and choose one or two tutorial(s). How do I choose these tutorials?

You will be sent an e-mail within a few days, with a link on a Web site with the list of the available tutorials. You will be able to choose your tutorials there.

Is there a deadline for the tutorial selection?

No, you can select your tutorial(s) whenever you want. Please also note that some tutorials might be full.

I know that the submission deadline is over, but is there a chance that I can still submit?

Unfortunately, no. The reviewing and selection processes are now under way, and we cannot delay it any longer.

I work for the industry, but I am not supported by it. Which grade (Student/Academy/Industry) should I choose?

Please choose the Industry grade.

I work for an NGO, which grade should I choose?

Please choose the Academy grade.

Is it possible to pay for registration by American Express?

Unfortunately, no. Our payment system does not accept this bank card.

Is there any discount if I cannot attend more than 1 or 2 day(s)?

Unfortunately, no.