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Toulouse - France

user2019   Gala dinner

Gala dinner at the Cité de l’Espace

Wednesday July 10th, 7pm – midnight

Cite de l'Espace global view

How to get there

  • Shuttles will depart at 6:30pm from the bus station Compans Caffarelli (near the conference center). The buses are from a private company named "Duclos". Please be at the meeting point at 6:15pm (the buses will all leave at 6:30pm).
  • On your own (

How to come back

  • Return buses will depart regularly from Cité de l'Espace to the conference center every 15 minutes starting from 9:00pm. Last shuttle will be at 1:00am.
Cite de l'Espace map

All exhibitions (permanents and a temporary one dedicated to the 50th anniversary to the first human step on the moon) and gardens are open: organizers from the Cité de l’Espace will be in the exhibitions to give you explanations.

Cite de l'Espace rocket
Cite de l'Espace landing
Cite de l'Espace rocket
Cite de l'Espace rocket


Cite de l'Espace entrance
  • 7pm: Entrance in the Cité de l’Espace (security control can take time).

    Dressing room will be available in ASTRALIA.

    Visit of exhibitions is open and free all the evening.

    Cite de l'Espace view
  • 7:30pm: apéritif musical will start at the Terrasse Guyanaise (in front of Ariane 5 rocket and MIR orbital station) and will be given by the band Moultaqa Salam ("Meet and peace").

    Since the creation of the band in 2004, its musical director Ali Alaoui began a work of creation and fusion around the South-West European region and Moroccan traditionnal repertory. Arrangements and compositions are based on the cultural and artistic mix of musicians (arabic music, jazz, flamenco).

    Cite de l'Espace concert
  • 8pm: Imax movie (in ASTRALIA building): for security reason, only 294 seats are available (first arrived, first served), duration 30mn.

  • 8:30pm: Cocktail dînatoire will be served in front the ASTRALIA building. In case of rain (climate change obliges), it will be served inside the ASTRALIA building.

    Cite de l'Espace dinner
    Cite de l'Espace dinner
  • 12:00pm (midnight): the Cité de l'Espace closes.

Cite de l'Espace poster