useR! 2019

Toulouse - France

user2019   Posters

The poster session took place on Thursday, July 11. There was also a flash poster presentation (one slide per poster), the slides of this presentation can be found here. You will find below the list of the presented posters and the winners of the different prizes.

Presenter Title Prize
Jaynal Abedin A shiny app to identify latent research themes in published abstracts over time
Victor Aguirre BAYESDEF an R Based Graphical Interface to Analyze Definitive Screening Designs
Mahmoud Ahmed colocr: an R package for conducting co-localization analysis on fluorescence microscopy images
Brandon Allen A Significant Difference: How the Institutional Research Team at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business uses R to Optimize and Institutionalize Analytics
Adolfo Alvarez, Katarzyna Klamecka-Pohl Building your machinery: an example of processes and solutions from marketing analytics
Laurie Baker Outfoxing Rabies: A case study for fitting non-separable space-time log-Gaussian cox models using R-INLA
Jacob Bergstedt Using R to predict blood cell composition, age, smoking behaviour and infection serostatus from whole-blood DNA methylation profiles
Magali Berland In-silico benchmark of methods for detecting differentially abundant features between metagenomics samples
Antoine Bichat Impact of tree choice in metagenomics differential abundance studiesWinner of the Poster prize BIM
Jakob Bossek Evolutionary Computation in R with the ecr Package
Paul Bouchequet Using R for automatic sleep analysis as a regular part of the clinical processWinner of the Poster prize Statistique & Santé
Caroline Buridant, Camille Gaal, Antoine Menard, Sébastien Lê An unsupervised classification methodology of heterogeneous datasets based on MFA
Johannes Burkhardt, Matthias Bannert RAdwords - Utilizing the Google Ads API with R
Emilio L. Cano R and Shiny to support real estate appraisers: An expert algorithm implementation for Automated Valuation Models
Cécile Chauvel Evaluation of integrative clustering methods for the analysis of multi-omics data
Filippo Chiarello StakeholdeRs: Mapping People Impacted by R
Ozan Cinar The current status of methods for combining dependent p-values and extending them with a novel package, poolR
Emmanuelle Claeys, Myriam Maumy-Bertrand Dynamic allocation optimization in A/B tests using classification-based preprocessing
Stefan Coors mlr3ordinal
Laure Cougnaud Patient profile visualization
Claire Dandine-Roulland Gaston, an R package for Genome-Wide dataWinner of the Poster prize MaDICS
Sébastien Da Veiga R/Shiny platform at Safran for expensive experiments
Olivier Delaigue airGR and airGRteaching: two packages for rainfall-runoff modeling and teaching hydrology
Marie-Laure Delignette-Muller, Aurélie Siberchicot Dromics: an R tool for modelling omics dose-response data
Guillaume Devailly Toulouse R User Group
Michael Dietze sandbox - an R package to create and analyse virtual sediment sections for geoscientific purpose
Guyliann Engels Better learning of data science in a biology curriculum by using R, RStudio, learnr & Github Classroom
Bénédicte Fontez Use of sentinel-2 images in Agriculture
Julia Fumbarev Process analysis and optimal allocation of parking space with R
Gabriele Galatolo aRangodb: an R Package to Store, Retrieve and Visualize Data with the Multi-Model Database ArangoDB
Mélina Gallopin Appinetwork : Analysis of Protein-Protein Interaction NETwork
Matthias Gehrke Teaching Statistics for Data Literacy by the means of R mosaic and R Markdown
Benoît Génot Cross-referencing catchment data: how R can provide essential tools for the development of models for flood prediction
Teresa Gonzalez-Arteaga An R package to deal with generalizations of weighted means and OWA operators.
David Granjon A Shiny powered eLearning platform to teach calcium and phosphate homeostasis
Gregory Guernec OTRECOD: Using Optimal Transport theory in database fusion for recoding heterogeneous variables
Christelle Hennequet-Antier ViSEAGO: Easier data mining of biological functions organized into clusters using Gene Ontology and semantic similarity
Yuki Hira, Kohei Kawai Time Series ExploreR : Interactive time series analysis for data science in Shiny App
Seong-Yun Hong Exploring the geographic distribution of the elderly population at risk in South Korea
Wayne Jones GroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool (GWSDAT)
Henna Kettunen Teaching data analysis with R as a part of an upper secondary school science project
Sigrid Keydana Getting started with TensorFlow Probability from R
Yeonjeong Kim Forecasting and Visualizing Churn data - R-shiny
Linda Kladivova, Lukas Kettner, Martin Hulin Geostatistics: How to speed Bayesian kriging with the package R-INLA
Ioannis Kosmidis trackeRapp: An integrated shiny workflow for the analysis of running, cycling and swimming data
Helena Kotthaus, Jan Vitek Typical Mistakes in Data Science: Should you Trust my Model?
Gunnar Laier Fast calculation of bessel functions with applications to statistical models in finance and geology
Gi-Seop Lee Integrated Operational Modeling of the Harmful Algal Blooms(HABs) Using R
Gaëlle Lefort ASICS: a new R package for identification and quantification of metabolites in complex 1H NMR spectra
Maximilian Leodolter runDTW: An algorithm to detect prototypical patterns in long time series
Tiantian Li Estimating mortality burden attributable to short-term PM2.5 exposure in China using R
Andrés Lopez-Lopera lineqGPR: An R Package for Gaussian Process Regression Modelling with Linear Inequality ConstraintsWinner of the Poster prize MASCOT NUM
Criscely Luján An S3 approach to the analysis of computer simulations: an illustration with the marine ecosystem model OSMOSE
Fanny Meyer, Victor Perrier A world full of little Addin
Mikaela Miller Becoming a mission-driven R-ganization: examples of R solutions in the non-profit sector
Celine Monteil, Fabrice Zaoui Automatic Calibration by Evolutionary Multi Objective Algorithm: the caRamel R packageWinner of the Poster prize MASCOT NUM
Ivan Navarro Comparison of High Performance Techniques for storing and accessing simulated big data for Bayesian inference and designs for survival data.
Yao Nie Small Area Estimation (SAE) of All-Cause Mortality and Life Expectancy in British Columbia (BC), Canada, 2000-2017
Hicham Nocairi Stacking Prediction for a binary Outcome
Joseph Oladokun R support for Public Health and Bioinformatics
Oluwafemi Olusoji cyanoFilter, An Automated Framework for identifying Synechococcus type cyanobacteria populations obtained via flow cytometry
Madalina Olteanu Focal distances and distortion coefficients: assessing the individual perception of multiscalar segregation
Sanela Omerovic flexmixNL: an R package for mixtures of Generalized Nonlinear Models
Hong Ooi AzureR: talking to Azure from R
Olajumoke Evangelina Owokotomo Predicting Risk Groups for Survival of Cancer Patients Using a Robust Metabolomic Signature: The MetabolicSurv R package
Laurent Pantera Creation of a generic IHM embedding data processing analysis for physics experimenters developed with R, rjava, shiny, htmlidgets and plotly tools
Nicolas Raillard Using R and Shiny to access and analyse hindcast database of sea-states
Luke Rasmussen, Eric Whitley RCocoa and R.NET - A Consistent Interface Across Development Environments
Jean-François Rey R package development using GitLab CI/CD pipeline
Michael Sachs Machine learning for censored event history data using pseudo-observations
Alex Sanchez-Pla Lheuristic-A Shiny app to select genes potentially regulated by methylation
Pierre Santagostini Ordinal clustering of seed populations with data extracted from RGB imaging and X-ray tomography
Katie Sasso-Schafer Transitioning from Academia to Industry: Using R for CaRReeR Success
Kristoffer Segerstrøm Mørk Estimate, Estimator, Estimand?
Martin Smira Shiny for real-time monitoring in travel tech company
Veronika Soldánová Web GIS application of water reservoirs around the town of Banská Štiavnica
Job Spijker Using a data cube to efficiently manage data for machine learning
Gregor Stiglic Using R in development, validation and deployment of type 2 diabetes mellitus screening tools
Alessandra Valcarcel rtapas: an R package for subject-specific threshold detection in automatic lesion segmentation using multi-modal MRI
Ria Van Hecke The Heartbeat of My Home - A Shiny App Making Households Smarter with Modern Classification and State Detection Algorithms
Shama Virani, Daniela Mariosa, Florence Guida, Hilary Robbins What R we doing at the International Agency for Research on Cancer?
Ellen Webborn Using fridges to balance the electricity grid
Patrick Wolf, Tobias Buchmann Analyzing Energy-Research in Europe
Chia-Yi Yen, Mia Huai-Wen Chang, Chung-Hong Chan A new best practice in style? A computational analysis of the dynamics of R style based on 94 million lines of code from all CRAN packages in the past 20 years
Clemens Zauchner, Theo Boutaris, Dana Jomar Level up your tables with tableHTML in R